Thursday, December 12, 2013

Home Sweet Home

"It's that time again," I say looking at my trusty travel companion sitting on the floor loyally waiting for me to heave her onto my back for the last time.

You'd think over time carrying here all these 1000s of kilometres hitch hiking, cycling, horseriding, sitting on the backs of tractors, train hoping, roadtripping, trekking overland and 1000s of nautical miles hitch hiking by boat over the big blue that i would have learnt to cut back on the "things" I crammed into her 80L capacity.

But even whilst packing her sturdy, yet clearly well loved body, each item I picked up hovering it above the rubbish bin trying to muster the will power toshed a few kilos before check in seemed to scream "Hannah, No! No! Remember me! Remember when..." And my mind would wander back to another time, another country, another adventure surrounded by amazing people. And just like that, the silly book on Georgian architecture, the useless beer bottle cap, ribbon, napkin, fridge magnet or even toy doll would win me over as I guiltily and quickly stuffed it back into the backpack for another days sorting.

But in truth it's the memories that you carry with you that make the adventure what it is. Truth be told when people ask for my favourite moments, despite being in all different countries, in different climates, different cultures, even hemispheres it all comes back to the one thing- the people you are with.

Well this journey is coming to its close, but only to be welcomed by my next one awaiting me.

That's right Perth, I'm home sweet home.

So to those who made this journey possible, memorable and the best years anyone could ask for, this worn out sole owes you a heart felt thanks!

Until next time. X


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  2. Thanks, Hannah, for writing this travelblog, I was really interested to read in more detail, so glad i glanced again at your profile on cs site and noticed this link. Looking forward reading it and trying to feel and understand your wonderful experiences. All the best to you.

  3. two fascinating things - pretty rough travel often, but Hannah always looking superb. Should of been at least one photo tired, grumpy, dirty, untidy.. Another -none miserable complaint at all about situations, places.. you are just what world needs and you must travel more!
    I'm just curious, first was estimation on expenses in India, i think, but then not. wonder wonder how much money such trip around world costed?