Monday, June 3, 2013

When one door closes another always opens

I had just secured a position on a delivery crew leaving from San Salvador and arriving in Brisbane in about 12 weeks time. Sad to say goodbye to my friends in Brazil, but excited about the new adventures lying ahead I arrived at the airport energized and ready for what would await me in San Salvador. Unfortunately I was met with a problem at immigration. The lady at the check in desk was refusing me to board the flight, firstly because I didn´t have my yellow fever vaccinations and then she said that I had no onward ticket to Australia, which was a requirement. Even after showing her my boat documents from the captain stating that I was helping to deliver a boat to Brisbane, the lady still insisted that I buy a return ticket to Australia (and she was adamant that the ticket be to Australia) and then it is all fine and I can board the plane. I didn´t even have enough money in my account to buy a ticket back to Brazil, let alone a $2000AUD flight to Australia! Luckily after an hour of explaining my situation she let me onto the flight to Panama, but telling me that I wouldn´t be allowed to El Salvador. So I took my bag in carry on and boarded the plane, not really knowing what my next step would be when I arrived in the airport in Panama.

But as one door closes, another always opens. I am now lucky enough to have been offered a position on another boat that is sailing from Saint Maarten (a little island in the Caribbean) and through the Panama Canal and then into the Pacific Ocean where we will be island hoping all the way to New Zealand, where we expect to arrive mid-November before the hurricane season starts in that area of the world. Beaches, remote islands, little communities and plenty of sailing await! 

My Captain has been nice enough to buy my ticket to Saint Maarten, departing on Thurday and flying through Miami, so all i have to do now is relax in Panama, drink some Mojitos and get ready to hit the sea again with two experienced guys! 

Isn`t life great, Just smile and ask around and people will always be willing to help you!

Vis sailing på et større kort

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