Friday, May 31, 2013

Back to the high seas and heading for home!

“For me the sea has always been a confident, a friend absorbing all it is told and never revealing those secrets; always giving the best advice- whose meaningful noises can be interpreted anyway you choose… It signifies an infinite number of paths to all ends of the Earth.” -Che Guevara 

I just stepped off crewing a beautiful 60ft yacht across the Atlantic Ocean for a month and I'm now ready to hit the seas again. After the little hick ups I am ready to get my sea legs back, but this time I'm heading a little closer toward home! I have just been offered a very very last minute position crewing a beautiful new 70ft ketch sail boat that is to be delivered to Brisbane, Australia in 70days. So basically this means that I SHOULD BE BACK ON HOME SOIL IN 70 DAYS!

I never thought when I stepped out from my house on the 7th of October 2011 as I carried my backpack ready to get to the airport to fly to Indonesia that the trip would change from a simple adventure to India and South East Asia to a round the world adventure and this could be one of my last legs. I am ready to make my way home, I am simply just going the long way! 

After crossing the Atlantic Ocean sailing on Fiddler (a 60ft Sloop sail boat) I fell in love with sailing and with the boating community so I am so lucky and grateful to have this opportunity to learn more sailing skills and to be "employed" (but not paid!) on this great sail boat. Long story short one of the crew from the boat dropped out very last minute and I just happened to be around and willing! 

The crew (four guys and myself) are leaving from El Salvador on the 5th of June, sailing to Marquasas, Samoa, maybe Fiji, Vanuatu and then maybe do a 2 week trip for Ocean's Watch (a non profit organisation whose aim is to help small communities in the Pacific Islands).

So I've just booked my VERY VERY last minute flight to San Salvador, El Salvador. I'm about to say goodbye to beautiful Brazil with all my gorgeous friends I have made here and board a plane to where my crew awaits me. 

Now it's back to weeks alone on the ocean with nothing but my crew mates, some dolphins, flying fish, the perfectly clear nights sky, the glowing phytoplankton, and destinations and adventures waiting beyond the clear horizon. 

Wish me safe winds and travel and I'll see those friends at home soon (ish)! 

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