Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Message in a bottle to you all

I just ate a delicious apple all the way down to the core. Well what do you do with a core, but throw it overboard when you are out at sea. So I went out to throw it off the side of the boat, trying to make it a quick journey as it was extremely cold and windy outside, when I accidentally tripped hurling myself towards the rails and almost overboard.

As you can guess by reading this I am still alive. But that little trip sure made me contemplate a whole lot of things, more so how important people are in my life. And so I know none of you will receive the message in a bottle I sent your way, so I thought I would post it up as a little blog (well maybe not so little.)

Just a few little thank yous for people I have met along the way…

Thank you to... (In order of meeting)

Thank you to my family. For being so supportive of everything that I do. For allowing me to pack up everything without an end destination or date in mind.

Dad, thank you so much for being so selfless, for working so hard to provide for the family and for always offering amazing advice. Thank you for your patience and your understanding. Thank you also for all that driving on the road trip, even if you did go through tunnels that may have been a tad bit too low for our car!

Mum, thanks so much for everything. You are one of my best friends, and my “travel advisor” so to speak. Whatever your advice I always follow it, so in a way you are responsible for where I have ended up, and for that I am truly thankful. Thanks for always being there to answer the phone in good times and the difficult times.

Ariane, thank you for being you. You are such a sweet sister andloved spending time with you when you came all the way over to visit me in Cambodia and even though I won’t be in Europe anymore to welcome you and show you around end of this year, I will still welcome your awesome company wherever I may end up travelling.

Esther, I am so sorry that I wasn’t there to help you with your hair at your ball. I am sorry that I am not there to help you with your studies and to quiz you using flash cards like you did for me. I am sorry I wasn’t there to help cheer you on at rowing on the sidelines. I am so glad at how you have grown up. You have blossomed into a beautiful woman, who is smart, optimistic, energetic and has a gorgeous dimpled smile. Can’t wait to share some travel adventures with you.

Marcus, please stop growing! Every time I see you now, you have grown again, soon enough you will be towering over me. I am so proud of how much you have grown up, not just in height but as a person as well. You have matured a lot and it is such a pleasure to spend time with you. Thank you for being so family orientated. Sorry I have been “the sister that is in some weird country” for so long, I hope I can make it up to you when I next see you.

It has been such a long time since I saw you Jenny. You have been truly amazing with all the long emails detailing what everyone (and I mean everyone) in the family is up to- even the pets! I love receiving them as it reminds me so much of home and really keeps me connected and up-to-date with what the family has been up to! Lots of little things remind me of you from the beautiful colourful saris in India, to the amazing mocha moose I had in England (but still not better than yours!) I am so sorry that I won’t be seeing you when you arrive in Europe, this last random plan change was very spontaneous and I wish that I could also be here in time to see you as well, I’m sure somewhere else along the way I will be able to see you. And more than anything I am sorry that I have not had a piece of pavalova in quite some time!

Mr Michaels, I am missing you so very much, it seems like so long since I last saw you Indonesia and what a nice holiday that was! Please take care of yourself, I think about you a lot and all your jokes, funny stories and that you are always there for us whenever we need it. Looking forward to the next time I’ll be able to share a “wine-o’clock”, woast-Wednesday and maybe a Le’snack with you! Love you very much, keep healthy and more than anything go to Europe! You would love it there J

Be Be Bum, my friend. I am truly terrible at organising us to meet up! I missed you in Germany before, as I was just too late, and now I will miss you when you make it to Europe again. I am sorry I am the worst friend in the world. I have loved talking to you, mucking around with “the book” and keeping in contact over both our adventures. You are such a cool aunty (and have a rather cool husband as well!). Thank you so much for my necklace, I really love it and wear it all the time thinking of you when I see it. Hope to see you again on the road or at home soon!

Daniel, the best travel companion anyone could ask for. Thank you for everything, and you know exactly what I mean. Thank you for sharing some of the best 5 years of my life with me. Thank you for always being there when I needed you, and thank you for letting me go when the time was right. Thank you for allowing me to go off and explore myself on my own, it was a hard decision but one that had to be done. Anyone who can call you a friend is so lucky to have you, and I count myself one of the lucky ones

Thank you to the random lady on the gilli islands who told me I needed an Indian visa last minute.

Thank you to the lady at the Indian embassy for giving me my visa very very last minute.

No thank you to my bank who like to randomly cancel my bank card every now and then, leaving me literally stranded without money. 

No thank you to the guy in Mumbai who tried to rip us off. No we don’t need heavily armed security guards to travel Rajasthan and yes, there are trains that run “out there.”

Thank you to Freja, Sparrow and the other cool kids we shared the dangerous wonky tower with, dodging fireworks on Dewali last year. You guys were all such an inspiration and I hope to meet up with you along the path again.
No thank you to the random man in India who slashed my bag with a knife trying to steal my money, at least you didn’t manage to get any.

Thanks Fabien for your cornflakes and biscuit breakfasts, for your toe shoes, for being a cool Frenchie. Sorry I missed meeting up with you in Nice, but I’m sure we will bump into each other on the road!

Thank you Andy for taking over our room when you got sick in Mc Leoud Ganj, for always being there to third wheel, but most importantly for always being there for us. Thanks for all the help in Varanassi and hope to see you on the road sometime! 

Thank you to Amanda and Simon for joining me in that horrible rat temple and for being as squeamish as I was about rats running over your feet.
Thank you to Salome and for Sibel, for all your help during that exhausting week in Varanassi in India, you are absolute gems and looking forward to doing another Vipassana course with you girls when we can! 

Thanks Hannah, Nick and Thomas for the cool jamming sessions on the roof of the guest house in Pokhara. 

Thanks Bec and Guy and congratulations on your new addition! Thanks for pushing me up that mountain in Nepal! Every time it got that little bit hard you guys were there to help push me along.

Thank you random guy who opened the shop especially for me in the remote little town in the Himalayas just to see if you had some waterproof shoes that fit me (which you did!)

Thank you Emily. You are the greatest, thanks for coming over to Cambodia to come and see me, I owe you next time! I am so lucky to have a friend like you who puts up with my shit communication and every changing location and plans. Thank you for always being there for me, to talk, to laugh, to get advice I miss you all the time and can’t wait until we are finally living in the same country!

Thank you Jimmy and Tierney for being the sweetest couple! Thanks for all those awesome nights in PP and for all your help and support through everything. I still think back to the hostel we could have had, it would have been awesome! All the best for your new endeavours and hopefully I’ll see you “home” soon!

Thank you Cheese, for simply being your amazing bubbly, energetic, happy self! I loved those long comforting conversations in Cambodia and then in Amsterdam. Thank you so much for welcoming me with open arms even though I gave you only a few minutes notice of my arrival! And thanks for showing me an awesome and addictive side of Amsterdam, can’t wait to come back and visit you again, hopefully when you’re not too busy! haha

Thank you Marina, Helle and Greta. Thank you for the awesome times in Cambodia, thanks for all the glue wein. For the laughs, for all those times swimming with Chu in the pool next door, sipping on cocktails.

Thank you for the Top Banana crew for such an amazing couple of months, always something happening, always someone to have fun with. Thanks for making it so difficult for me to leave!

Thank you Matthieu for helping me through the hardest times. Thank you for simply being there and for asking nothing in return. Thank you for all those morning breakfasts, all those late nights and for taking my portrait. Magical times.

Thank you to the random shop keeper in Yangon, Myanmar who chased after me returning my wallet I left on the table full of enough money to feed his family for half a year.

Thank you to Mr Bashi for all those awesome times in Myanmar. Thanks especially from saving us from that awkward night after the by-election in Yangon at that Karaoke bar. Haha golden times! 

Thank you Iker for those awesome nights by the fire on the beach in Myanmar.

Thank you to Ben for all those hours spent by the bonfire or swimming in the beautiful blue ocean in Myanmar. Thank you again for taking time off your busy schedule to then take me on a road trip up the East coast of England, it was awesome!

Thank you to the loveliest lady in Myanmar. Thank you to finding me on the street and for inviting me into your beautiful home for a HUGE traditional feast large enough to feed your whole family for a week!

Thank you to Evan and Nick for joining me as we cycled across 6 islands, 7 bridges covering 70kms from one of Japan’s major islands to the other. It was such an awesome experience with great company!

Thank you Arek for simply putting up with me. Thank you for getting me drunk most nights, thanks for camping out in Japanese train stations with me, facing the police when they try to chuck us out. I still will never forget that day when we had to scrounge all our change together just for some cheap food for a nice picnic. Thanks for then having me two more times in Brno and for showing me the local sights, then for leaving me out at night to fend for myself in the bar that hates foreigners leaving me to sleep on your doorstep (well almost) :P

Thank you Kaiko and family for allowing me to stay in your home. Thanks again for taking me to the beautiful Mt Fuji and showing me the awesome waitress vending machines in the little Japanese restaurants.

Thank you to whoever invented udon noodles.

Thank you to Sho for showing me and Louis the local places in Tokyo. Thanks for taking me around your university, introducting us to your friends and being so hospitable and lovely.

Thank you Tashi. You took me in, in my time of need when I had absolutely no money, nowhere to sleep and only 10 packets of miso soup to keep me going until my bank card started working again. Thank you for letting me share your hostel room and for feeding me and keeping me of the streets. You are an angel!

Thank you to Louis for joining me on awesome adventures in Tokyo. Thank you for taking me out to that awesome dinner and I can’t wait to finally visit you when I eventually get to New Zealand!

Thank you to the random guy I met in Japan for giving me the key to his room for three nights.

Thank you Dean-o for an awesome time in Japan. Thanks for all those cocktails and late night antics, sure was fun and cant wait to do it again.

Thank you for the Japanese man who bought me a ferry ticket and gave me a lift to the ferry port. Thank you for driving me so far out of your way and then for buying me that ferry ticket to the other island. Even though it was the wrong island to the one I wanted to go to, I still appreciated the efforts and gesture!

Thank you to the two Japanese guys who helped me when I was lost in Tokyo, bought me a ticket, food, carried my heavy backpack for an hour jumping between trains and then escorted me to my destination, only to jump back on the train to take them back to where they met me. I hope to repay the favour one day.

Thank you to the lovely Canadian girl for showing up like an angel when we were in a sticky situation with the police and offered us to sleep on her floor.

Thank you to Shige and Veronica for showing me around Osaka and for taking me out to dinner. I can’t wait until I can show you around Perth when you are both next there.

Thank you so so soooo much to Opa Ed. You were so inviting from when I first arrived and gave me the biggest hug welcoming me into South Korea and making it very hard for me to leave, so I stayed there almost 3 months! Thank you for all those Korean BBQ nights, for letting me sleep on the couch, bean bag, tent on the roof, dorm bed for cheap and for letting me hang around and help! Thanks for the fresh bread every morning, for the unlimited noodle cups and for always being there with a smile. Looking forward to “Hannah House” soon!

Thank you thank you thank you to Axel, you have been such a true friend through everything, you often know me better than I know myself, look after me through all different situations always with welcoming arms. Thank you for coming back to South Korea and for the chance to hang out at the casino in Daegu, Yeosu expo, watching that shitty football match in Busan or even for you helping me to choose my new computer (which I then lost shortly afterwards, oops!) I was so lucky to have met you.

Thank you to Bryan for all your wise words of advice, and kind words of encouragement. I hope to somehow make it to Hawaii where we can have a little reunion, and hopefully Ed will be there too ready to have a Korean bbq!

Thank you to Simon for all your sarcastic, kiwi-style, anti-Australian remarks. May they never stop!

Thanks to all the cool kids that came through Ed House and for sharing however short of a time together. You guys were all awesome and part of the reason why it took me so long to leave Ed House. I’ll miss the “good pig” restaurant Korean bbq, the k-pop parties in the living room, the drunken nights where we would pass out in the bean bags, the the M2 club, Can’t wait to meet you all in future travels!

Thank you to Bud for teaching me ballroom dancing on the roof of the hostel. For your patience and persistent!

Thank you Joseph for having me so long in Hong Kong, and thank you for letting me destroy your wall with “art” of some kind!

Thank you Manvil, for bringing me along to that live game thingy, I still don’t really understand what I was watching! Thank you for again meeting up with me in Hong Kong, for those fun nights in LKF and for making sure that I got to the Russian embassy on time! All the best with your music, I hope to see you on stage next time we meet J

Thank you Debbie and Ali for accompanying me to that beautiful isolated beach in Hong Kong. It was so much fun fire twirling, swimming and sitting round the bon fire.

Thank you to Zach (Zap) for those fun times in Hong Kong and for always being there to offer wise words of advice.

No thank you to the Russian Embassy in Hong Kong who got my visa dates wrong, although I think I deserved it from “fiddling” with my documents a little.

Your one cool dude Doug. I loved every minute travelling with you (and yes I even enjoyed your company when your bag was stolen as we were swimming in the water in China). I was so glad that our paths crossed again in Hong Kong and that we ended up travelling many many many many many long hours on the trains in China. It sure wouldn’t have been as fun without you! Who could I have joked about the china belly with, or helped me stuff my face with dumplings, or made me do the tiger leaping gorge. I’m glad we (well you) managed to convince the bus driver to let us sit on the floor that day! Thank you also for your left over medicine, pocket knife and socks, they sure came in handy! Hope to cross paths again, I’m pretty sure we will! Oh and thanks for teaching me the “shake and drape” technique for clothes- genious!

Thank you to Russell for showing me around Oxford and but more importantly for stealing my life back home, I’ll be back to steal it back soon enough! haha 

It all started in front of that Mongolian embassy in China! Haha Thank you Tim for not only being such an awesome travel “mate” but for also looking after me so well when I finally came and spent some time with you in your awesome awesome house! Thanks for accompanying me on that epic journey across the border into Mongolia where we had to share that sleeper bunk together, hanging our feet out the train window. It was so much fun buying those ukulele together and each not really learning how to play, but still lugging them all the way overland! I’ll never forget those cold cold nights in our “Korea ger” and waking up to the beautiful sunrise over the mountains as we were just about to jump on our horses and ride on into the valley. Magical!

Thank you John for egging me onto taking the Central Asian route over east. Without your encouragement who knows what route I may have taken!

Thanks to the Tiger leaping gorge crew for helping me up the mountain and for being great company.

Thank you Mike for helping me through those many tricky situations in Mongolia. Thank you for keeping me company when we couldn’t get a ride and especially for joining me for those long 24 hours sitting on tops of bags of onions on that bus ride trip One day we’ll go back and be reunited with Tupac and Biggy, don’t you worry! Keep being happy, keep up your adventure but more importantly keep making music.

Thank you Rob for bringing the Go Pro over from America for me. It has been great and I owe a bunch for picking it up for me!

Thank you to the Aussie guy who gave me his clothes line, despite needing it.

Thank you to the “hot spring crew” in Mongolia for sitting in the car for that long period of time to arrive at the amazing hot springs that were totally worth it! I have so many fond memories from the times around the campfire and for the times when we found our own natural hot spring outside under the stars. Magical. 

Thank you to the two stray dogs that followed us on our horse trek in the Mongolian mountains, Biggy and Tupac (as we named them). Thanks for chasing away those wolves near our tent that night.

Thank you to the Police men in Mongolia for abandoning his job and for dropping me off at the next town when I couldn’t get a ride.

Thank you to the two awesome Polish girls who joined in some of the hitching in Mongolia. Thanks for letting us stay on your friend’s lounge room floor and for our snack pack you guys packed for us! So sweet.

Thank you to the kind family who drove around the small village just to find us and tell us our bus we had been waiting for, for two days had finally arrived and was about to leave. If it wasn’t for your kindness, who knows I may still be stuck in Mongolia!

No thank you to the random homeless guy who decided to steal my jacket, when I needed it too. Oh well I guess you may have needed it more than I did.

Thank you to Ye-let-zine for putting up with me and my odd travel ways, for letting me “pop your hitch hiking cherry”, for always going with the cheapest option even though it wasn’t always comfortable. It was awesome how the trip worked out so smoothly travelling together for so long, sorry I almost (accidentally) made you miss your train. Thank you for posing as my boyfriend, husband etc when needed to get out of tricky situations.

Thank you to everyone at Sakura guest house for all being such amazing and inspiring travellers all with infectious positivity and energy. I hope to bump into each of you in our future travels for another round of hearts.

Thank you to Aiko, for being an awesome, strong adventurer! Every girl should try and take a leaf out of your book.

Thank you Dave for the rides on your bike in Bishkek.Thanks for always being there to hang out with, play hearts, talk, drink, eat fresh bread etc. And thanks for catching up with me again in London, even though we didn’t manage to do the Santa flash mob, the comedy night was still a lot of fun! Can’t wait to cross paths again.

Thank you Miquel Miquel Miquel for being a crazy Spanish guy.

Thank you Max for that amazingly flash breakfast at the Hilton Hotel. Even though I sure looked like a dirty backpacker, you still made me feel a little bit like a princess

Thank you Roman for being alive despite getting stuck up the top of the mountain.

Thank you to the awesome “United Nations” crew for the company and encouragement during the Alakol trek. It was so nice to share the experience with all of you, even though it was such a huge group it was all worth it in the end. And thank god Roman was alright!

Thank you to Alexy and your gorgeous wife for inviting me not only into your house, but into your family as well. Thank you for letting me crash your Mother’s birthday party, for showing me around the city, for making sure I felt comfortable and at home all the time, I can’t wait to repay the favour.

Lilya and her awesome family and friends: Spasiba! Thank you so much to the most hospitable family in the world. Without organising anything you met me at the train station when I was lost and welcomed me into your home without hesitation. You showed me such a beautiful side of Russia full of weddings, dancing, amazing home cooked food and orphanages, that I will always remember fondly.

Thank you to the gorgeous kids at the orphanage for letting me come in and visit them. I truly wish my visa had been long enough to allow me to spend more time there.

Thank you to the driver in Vladikavkaz for taking me across the border with all the loose change that I could string together from my pockets, even though it was nowhere near enough. 

Thank you to the bank manager in Kazbegi who kindly let me stay in his house, cooking for me and showing me around after a quick conversation at the small bank of the town. Thank you also for the parting gift of a book on Georgian architecture.

Thank you to the two Israeli guys who took me all the way up into the Georgian mountains on a road trip, even though we had to listen to the same CD for four days and had a fair few car problems it was still a lot of fun!

To the town manager of Omalo, a little town in the north of Georgia, who helped to pull the car out of the mud several times as we got bogged.

Thank you Badri for showing us the cool side of Tbililsi and for always being there with a drink in hand to have a good night out.

Thank you Tiemme for flambaying anything you come across and for that awesome trip to the hot springs.

Thank you to the group of Georgians who found us when we were lost trying to find a place to camp for the night, for taking us to the awesome hot springs up the mountain and of course for sharing your drinks and food with us.

Thank you to the lovely Swiss couple and their tour guide who picked me up whilst hitch hiking in Turkey and then gave me a guided tour all day in exchange for a really cheap cup of tea.

Thank you Seda and Xavier for letting us stay at your house, for showing us the awesome local food and for taking us up the castle. Your travel stories and photos were inspirational.

Thank you to that Turkish truck driver who drove us across three countries, bought us beer, lollies, cooked us kebab and then gave us souvenirs before dropping us off.

Thank you Cazim and housemates for showing us an awesome time in Istanbul. Thank you for welcoming us into your home with open arms and a saxophone recital! Bonus!

Thank you Memet for letting us stay at your house. Thanks for feeding us all the kebabs from your kebab shop, delicious!

Thank you Matt for showing that little bit of leg whilst hitching in Turkey and getting us those magical rides.

Thank you to Caner. Thanks for almost dropping everything to come travelling with me. Thank you for hitch hiking that morning and carrying a tray of unbaked cookies, and especially thank you for organising me to work at the olive farm with your Aunty, Sibel. I loved it all and can’t wait to cross paths again!

Thank you Sibohan for picking up three lazy hitch hikers who couldn’t be bothered to walk 50meters to the entrance of the Ephesus museum! Thank you for then showing us lazy (and very cheap) travellers around behind the red rope at the museum and showing us how much hard work and time goes into the restoration. It was eye opening for sure, and I swear one day I’ll come back and help you with that big puzzle! Haha

Thanks Emre and your “penthouse party crew” for throwing a last minuter party, for having us at your home and of course for giving us a kick-ass Gallipoli tour. All the best for your parties ahead! 

Thank you to the cool Serbian dude in Belgrade for showing me that awesome underground karaoke bar, and for then singing an English song for us.

Thank you Victor, even though it was such a short encounter together I loved every minute. I loved exploring the design shops and tasting the awesome coffee in Budapest. Thanks for always smiling, and never stop!

Thank you to the random who gave me his sleeping bag, it sure has come in useful.

Thank you Maurice for having me in your awesome apartment in Vienna (twice!). Thanks for helping me to fall in love with the city and the people there. Thank you for letting me feed you vegemite without complaining (too much!) Thank you for cooking me wiener kaiserschmarrn, for taking me to a billion quiz nights (some in German). Thanks for having me again a second time, even if I didn’t do your washing ;)

Thank you Josh for meeting up with me in Vienna and for reminiscing about all the good things in Perth. Thank you for your constant positivity and for always smiling (honestly don’t know how it is physically possible for you to always be smiling and bubbly!)

Thank you Ashton for always being there for a beer (or a wine) in London, for bringing my stuff for me from Amsterdam and for the free ticket to Django Django, it was such an awesome performance!

Thank you to the kind lady who gave me a lift from Germany to London, even though the border officials gave you a hard time you still did it with a smile on your face.

Thank you Justin, for those days in London and those nice long talks together. I know one day you will be a crazy traveller and I can’t wait to see where you go and what you do!

Thank you Aunty Frankie and large extended family for your warm hospitality and amazing Christmas dinner.

Thank you to Arthur for taking me out on New years eve in Paris, it was a lot of fun!

Thank you to Francesca and Bruno, Tamara and Linius. Danke kids for teaching me all the important German words like rubbish bin and apple juice. And thank you Bruno and Francesca for your ever present hospitality and enthusiasm. Can’t wait to visit you in Beautiful Switzerland once again.

Thank you Jose for those sunny afternoons in Rome, joined by Gary. Thanks for being so happy and adventurous all the time! We will find an ofa and reunite the two soon enough!

Thank you to Matteo for showing me all the cool places in Rome. Thanks for all those campari Sodas and aperitifs and good times on the balcony overlooking the beautiful city below. Thank you also to Maurice and your beautiful fiancĂ©. You were both so welcoming and lovely. Thank you for trying to change me from being a vegetarian, and sorry that I didn’t cave in. I’ll miss those family breakfasts at Thousand Suns, that’s for sure! 

Thank you Thelmo for welcoming me into your flat for those days in Krakow. Crazy days they may have been, but I still enjoyed every minute. You taught me a lot, and showed me the “non-touristy” side of Krakow for sure. Oh and sorry for kind of kicking you out of your apartment! Haha at least you don’t have to deal with the crazy landlord lady again.

Thank you Shivy for coming with me to get my piercings done, I still think of you when I see them! Thank you for also sharing your bed with me!

Thank you Jose for breaking my front tooth, I look so much better now and for your never ending sweetness. I honestly wish we meet again soon! ;)

Thank you to the Italian guy who walked around with me for an hour trying to find an address I was looking for. Even though I only asked for directions you were still a nice enough gentleman to walk me to the door. Gracie!

Thank you Jascha for a wonderful and energising week in Berlin.  I am glad that we ended up being able to meet up and very grateful that our paths crossed. I had an absolutely amazing time in Berlin and I think I can owe a lot of that to you! Thank you for encouraging me to learn German, even though we both know I am terrible! Danke Dier!

Thank you to Frederick for sharing my menthol cigarettes with me, they’re really not too bad after all

Thank you to the random guy who came up and kissed me in front of the Amsterdam library. I still don’t understand the spontaneity, but you’ve got courage.

Thank you Kien for always being there. I still look back at the day we met over 2 years ago (and only for one day!) and keep wondering how we became such close friends after such a short time together! Thank you for always being there to offer advice on random things and for always being just a skype call away. I was so glad to meet up with you when we both finally were travelling in the same country. I loved the road trip, dancing in the back of the car, playing thumb wars, watching you eat a billion salmon sushi, learning as much about photography from you (the master) as I could and for all the nice talks we had. I hope (really really really hope) that we can manage to travel together again!

Thank you to Ranga and Worm for having me along on you road trip. I loved every moment of it. Whether we were singing along to Elton John, hanging out in gay clubs in Manchester, avoiding F.F., eating Haggis, or creating crazy stories about jellyfish and toe-nails.

Thank you BLT for the walks in the park and quiet nights in London, time was short but I’m sure our paths will cross again. Good luck with the sandwich endeavours and don’t judge it till you try it!  

Thank you Adeena for out random little meet up in Hong Kong where you taught me about findacrew and, well here I am. It’s funny the way things like this work. Thank you for showing me the possibilities to hitch hike by boat and for your enthusiasm and contagious sense of adventure. Thanks for showing me around Cape Town and all the best with your adventures in South Africa! Hope our paths cross again soon, which with your itching feet may not be too far away ;)

Thank you to Jedrek for letting me crash at yours. For taking time out of your busy schedule to show me around, for being so enthusiastic and eager, for all those drinks, for all your good advice and kind words of encouragement. I hope next time I see you, your name will be on the big screen! Good luck with all the studying and it will all pay off in the end don’t worry!

Thank you thank you thank you To Captain Kirk and James. Thank you for welcoming me so warmly onto your boat to cross the Atlantic Ocean, even though I had no experience in sailing what-so-ever. Thank you for feeding me and giving me a place to stay, words cannot express my gratitude. Thank you for showing me the sailing basics, and for continuing to repeat yourselves when I forgot the little things. Thank you for covering my watches, for saving my aloo gohbi from burning when I got sea sick, for always tip toe-ing carefully around me as I slept in the pilot house,  for being awesome company on the crossing but most importantly for not kicking me out of the boat- just yet!
Thank you to Daisy for (almost) coming for that late night swim in the cold waters of Cape Town. Next time your going to have to get your definately coming in!

Thank you to everyone at home for always being a skype or a phone call away. I miss you all more than you know it, or than I show it. Can’t wait to come home and see you all eating chips at sunset at Leighton Beach or getting drinks at Little Creatures. I mean it when I say there is no place like home, or the people that make up your home.

Thank you to everyone I haven’t mentioned, to anyone who I may have met along the way. Thank you for every little conversation I may have had with you, it has all come together and added to my journey. Thank you to anyone who has offered me advice, compliments, criticism, help in any way and especially anyone who has given me a smile. The closest way between two languages is a smile. I hope one day I can help each of you in turn.

Thank you all.

Much love to you all,
Keel Haulin' Hannah
(am open for other pirate name suggestions!)

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