Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sometimes on holiday you learn things...

Whilst friends at home finish degrees and spend hours studying and accomplishing amazing things, I (like to think) I have learnt very valuable skills and tips for more everyday life...

1. Mastered the art of sleeping anywhere, anytime

2. A smile goes a long way, sharing food goes even further

3. Bargain. always

4. Burning cow dung prevents mosquitoes

5. Chicken feet are edible

6. Nappies are not always necessary

7. Pool toys are a cheap alternative as a mattress (they only work if you can fall asleep within 20 mins before they deflate leaving you with hard stones in your back)

8. Enjoying a meal sitting at a table isn't always free, sometimes you must pay a table charge. You can also buy a glass to smash if you want as well.

9. The closest way between two countries is a smile

10. Hitting someone with your shoe or pointing your feet at them is a huge insult in India

11. Money is nice, but not always necessary

12. Toilet paper is a luxury, not a necessity

13. Toilets are a luxury, not a necessity

14. When they find prostitutes in India they cut their hair short, therefore cutting all my hair off in India was not such a good idea!

15. Never insult Gengkis Khan in front of an overly patriotic Mongolian

16. When you wake up in a cockroach infested room covered in cockroaches, try and sleep with the light on as it scares them away (kind of)

17. Train stations are great for free accommodation (if you don't get caught)

18. You can shoot a cow with a bazooka in Cambodia (and no I didn't try)

19. Never touch a Mongolian's hat. Ever.

20. Don't make plans, they change

21. This too shall pass. The bad moments will come and go, but so will the good ones. So it's important to live in the moment

22. The door of a Mongolian Ger always faces south. Great tip when your in need of a compass

23. Wear in hiking boots before a hike

24. Its rude to stick your chopsticks in a bowl of rice

25. Thalis are refillable, $1 AND delicious (although you may spend an unusual amount of time in the toilet afterwards if you don't choose your food stall right)

26. Indian hospitals have no medicine onsite

27. Always leave a little vodka/airag in your bowl to avoid another top up, otherwise they keep going

28. Garlic soup is great for altitude sickness

29. Lock up valuables when going swimming

30. You need an Indian visa before entering the country (dah!)

31. Rock towers are indications of a trekking path

32. Jam and porridge is an excellent combination

33. Leaving accommodation to the last minute is not always the best idea

34. Blood on bed sheets= bed bugs

35. Watermelons can explode

36. Police cars are an excellent way of hitch hiking

37. Pizzas also come in cones 

38. Shepherds also have style

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