Saturday, July 7, 2012

South Korea- What a surprise!

Honestly I had never heard much of South Korea and ashamedly I admit that if you had of asked me to point it out on the map last year I would not have been able to. It was originally not one of my planned destinations, but then apart from India and Cambodia none of the other destinations I have visited were planned at all. When I arrived in Kuala Lumpar about to board my flight to Japan I was informed that I needed a return ticket out of Japan to be allowed to board the plane, so in a 15 minute mad rush I chose the cheapest flight from Japan, which happened to be Seoul, South Korea. And I fell in love upon first arriving.

The city is buzzing, literally at every hour of the day. People say that Koreans work hard and I believe that they party even harder. And for this reason I think South Korea is similar to Japan in many ways, although you wouldn't tell this to a local. It is a country that has recently come into a lot of wealth so the government is pumping money into the city, community areas and new developments are springing up everywhere, making Seoul a beautiful, convenient and exciting place to live.

Image is everything here. Women parade around the streets in heels taller than the steps they are delicately trying to climb, short skirts, perfect hair and carefully "made-up" faces. They look just stunning. But many of them dont just stop at clothing and make up. There is a surprisingly high rate of plastic surgery in Seoul where a recent survey reported over 50 percent of women under the age of 30 had plastic surgery in 2011, and 31.5 percent of people over the age of 15 had intentions of having surgery in the future.

A Korean Plastic Surgery advert
For something that is possibly not so common from my hometown it is amazing how readily available and accepted it is here. It is seen as the norm and girls with newly changed noses still parade the plasters from the operation around the busy areas. Plastic surgery has become a normal thing, just like getting your legs waxed, or hair dyed. Is it a monetary status? I dont know, and even more so I have no idea where so many of these people have the money to afford surgeries such as these. There is more information in this interesting article I found here.

Koreans love k-pop and it is understandable with their catchy tunes, cute girls and sexy dance moves. When out clubbing in Seoul everyone lines up and performs the dance moves from the video clips.

Perfect example of Korea Pop. A popular girl band called "Girl's Generation" and their song "Gee."

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