Monday, July 9, 2012

South Korea: Not just a boring cup of coffee

Ever missed your feline friend or want to try on a wedding dress and take pictures to scare your parents at home, whilst sipping on coffee? Well Seoul has it sorted. South Korea, like Japan, has many themed cafes from comic book cafes, lego cafes, games cafes and of course cat cafes and wedding dress cafes. Here's a great list of good cafes around Seoul. 

Wedding Dress cafe
Why they are so popular and how they originated, I have no idea, but I had to try it out for myself. I rustled up a group of girls from my guest house and we set off on our girlie date. "Princess Diary Cafe" was so cutesy and pink enough to scare away most guys I know, leaving the girls to enjoy dressing up and sipping tea.

Cat Cafe
In case you are wondering, no you do not eat these cats, even though Koreans are known for their fond taste of dog. The cat cafe is purrfect (excuse my pun) for those feline lovers who dont have enough space or time for a cuddly friend, so you can simply pay a 8,000 won (about $6AUD) get a complimentary drink and cuddle these cats to your hearts content. 

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