Saturday, July 7, 2012

South Korea: Home sweet home away from home

Unsurprisingly I have once again found my home away from home. What is it that keeps me in Seoul? Is it the vibrant nightlife? Sassy trends, friendly helpful people, ease and convenience of the subway and metro lines? Or is it Ed House?

Ed is this incredible 40 something year old man, highly educated, highly successful who was making figures that would make anyone jealous before he gave it all up to start a guesthouse simply to make friends around the world.

I always love to watch a newcomer arrive after getting lost in the backstreets of Hongdae area, hot, flustered and sweaty only to be welcomed by a huge "Ed hug" genuine and sweet enough to put a smile on anyone's face and to make them feel immediately at home. And that is simply what Ed House is about. It is not his guesthouse, it is your house. As he loves to say to everyone "you arrive as a friend and leave as family" and everyone that has been fortunate enough to stumble across this gem of a guesthouse would have to agree.

I beleive that your experience of the destinations you visit aren't shaped by the tourist attractions and monuments but rather the people you meet and I feel fortunate to have met this man with such a big heart for everyone and to have met everyone coming through Ed House.

I have stayed at many hostels, mostly good, but Ed's blows them out of the water. The unique thing is that Ed has never stayed in a guest house before so he has created this little home for travellers, a traveller's oasis. A place to meet travelers, to drink the free beer or soju in the fridge, to wake up to freshly baked bread from Ed himself, to eat the complimentary noodle cups, have free salsa lessons and a place to meet long life-long friends from around the world. He simply took the simple things he thought people would like whilst staying at his home and created his own unique and special guest house.

So thank you Ed for being responsible for an amazing (almost) two months in Seoul, it will be hard to enjoy another guest house again!

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