Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hello everyone, I'm still alive!

People always ask me why I have left everything back home and am traveling for so long and I guess the only answer I can think of is "why not!?" traveling is an addiction. Everyday you meet new people with new stories to tell and information to share. You are constantly thrown out of your comfort zone, left to be independent, struggling with the language barriers and charades.

Everyday I surprise myself and am not afraid to try things I might have never before. Your environment changes everyday and so you have to always adapt to the new situations.The people you meet along the way quickly become not just your closest friends, but almost like family. You create amazing friendships will people who you always hope to meet up with in the future. You learn that the closest way between two cultures is simply a smile.

Here's where I have traveled to so far...

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So without boring everyone too much I have realised that I have been really bad with my blog updates (last one being from April) and thought I would try and sum it up fairly quickly up to date, so keep an eye out for the new updates coming shortly and thank you for being so patient!

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