Thursday, November 3, 2011


Unfortunately we didn't have much time to explore the town due to a rather bad bout of food poisoning, once again. We were stuck indoors for three days and it was only our last day in Jodhpur that Dan felt well enough to venture out and explore on behalf of us both.

Jodhpur is mostly known for the spectacular fort that sits high above the massive town. When you trek up the hill to the fort there were amazing views of Jodhpur and you can see why it is called "the blue city".

I learnt on my "touristy" tour that the buildings were painted indigo as it keeps the houses cool in summer and also acts as a insect repellent. Many centuries ago only the priests or holy men of Jodhpur were allowed to paint their house this colour.   
After taking some great photos of Jodhpur I set out on foot to the other palace, a memorial to the kings passed wife. The palace was carved completely out of marble and this was now the resting place of the previous queen. Unfortunately by now i had lost battery power on the camera.

We finished off our time in Jodhpur by treating ourselves to an amazing meal of chicken tikka and lamb (the first meat we've had since coming to India). Although it was a upper class restaurant our bill only came to $15AUD and there was lovely views of the city and pond from the rooftop. And we were surprised by our $2AUD dessert that we ordered was just two cornettos with the cone chopped off and served upside down. 

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